The Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) presents its General Purpose Visa Card, a debit card option that bears the Visa logo and allows users to make online payments conveniently. This particular card was specifically created for individuals who prefer not to utilize other KCB cards. One of the most appealing features of this card is that it functions as a debit card, meaning it operates solely on preloaded funds.

Being a Visa-branded card, the General Purpose Visa Card can be used for online purchases and transactions at any merchant outlets worldwide that accept Visa. Additionally, cash withdrawals can be made from any Visa-affiliated ATM machines.

Previously, access to PayPal services was limited for Kenyans. However, as of today, PayPal is available in Kenya, and the KCB Visa General Purpose Card can be used to activate a PayPal account. To expedite the verification process, it is important to have the KCB General Purpose online banking option activated.

To obtain the KCB General Purpose Visa card, visit the nearest KCB branch and complete an application form while depositing the required funds into the designated card account. Once the card account has been topped up, users can proceed to make payments at any Visa-branded merchant worldwide and engage in online transactions. The following documents are typically required when applying for the KCB General Purpose Visa card:

  1. Certified copy of ID/Passport
  2. Letter of recommendation from a KCB account holder
  3. 1 passport size photo
  4. Certified copy of Certificate of Registration (for business owners)
  5. Joining fee of Ksh. 1000
  6. Completed application form

Once the KCB General Purpose Visa card is activated, deposit approximately Kshs. 500, which PayPal will charge to verify your PayPal account. This step ensures the card's ownership verification.

After depositing and activating the KCB General Purpose card, log into your PayPal account and navigate to the "verify account" section. Enter the required card details and await the transaction code, which will be sent to your mobile phone instantly. By correctly answering the question related to the charged amount, as sent to your mobile phone, you will have a verified PayPal account. Congratulations on completing the process successfully!