Safaricom Kenya Limited, the leading telecommunications company in East and Central Africa, has gained recognition as the most profitable company in the region, as acknowledged by financial analysts. With a significant market share estimated to be above 75%, Safaricom Kenya Limited has established its dominance in the Kenyan market, earning accolades such as the Company of the Year Awards by Price Waterhouse Coopers. However, despite these achievements, there have been concerns regarding the quality of its customer care services compared to other mobile phone service providers in the country.

The customer care center of Safaricom is situated at the Semco Industrial Park, along Mombasa Road, specifically housed at the Jambo Center. The establishment of this center, costing over 0.8 billion Kenyan shillings, aimed to provide mobile phone subscribers on the Safaricom network with quality service for addressing their queries. However, there are several factors contributing to the apparent inability of the Jambo Center to effectively address customer queries.

One of the key issues faced by the customer care center is understaffing. Customers often experience prolonged waiting times, ranging from ten to twenty minutes, before their calls are connected to a customer care representative, and it can take even longer for their issues to be resolved. Considering the quality of services provided, Safaricom has little to boast about when it comes to customer care.

Another challenge faced by the company is the overwhelming volume of customer inquiries. As the market leader with an extensive range of services, including voice calls, Mpesa mobile money transfers, data, and text messages, Safaricom's customer care department faces a continuous influx of queries. Some may wonder why Safaricom doesn't leverage its vast resources and profits to recruit more customer care representatives at the Jambo call center. This situation becomes even more critical considering the anticipated growth of the Mpesa service, which involves significant monetary transactions. Swift resolutions to unintended transactions are essential to prevent financial losses, but the current state of the customer care center falls short of meeting this requirement.

For those seeking assistance, here are the customer care contact details for Safaricom:

  • Prepaid Safaricom Customer Care:Dial 100 (free)
  • Safaricom Mpesa Customer Care: Dial 232 (free)
  • Call: 0722002100, +254 20 427 2100 (chargeable)
  • Email:

Postpaid Safaricom Customer Care:
  • Dial 200 (free)
  • Safaricom Mpesa Customer Care: Dial 232 (free)
  • Call: +254 20 427 2200, 0722002200 (chargeable)
  • Email:

Safaricom Kenya Contact Address: Safaricom Limited, P.O. Box 66827, 00800 Nairobi, Kenya. Telephone Number: +254 20 427 3272 Website: