In the realm of money transfers, mobile service providers continuously push boundaries with their innovative solutions. Safaricom, in particular, has unveiled its latest product that revolutionizes fund management—the M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card. This remarkable offering allows users to load funds from their M-PESA accounts onto a Visa Card, enabling seamless transactions at millions of vendors, ATMs, and shops both locally and globally. With the M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card, individuals can conduct local and international PrePay VISA transactions effortlessly. To acquire the Safaricom Mpesa Prepay Visa card, one must be at least 18 years old and possess an activated Safaricom telephone line for M-PESA usage.

The Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card offers unparalleled convenience and financial control. Unlike a credit card, it prevents users from spending beyond their means, effectively saving them from late payment fees, ledger fees, and over-the-limit charges. Additionally, the card provides enhanced security, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use compared to carrying cash. Users can monitor their card expenses, check their balance, and perform various account management tasks conveniently through the Internet.

This VISA and KENSWITCH branded card is accepted globally at ATMs bearing the VISA logo. It also facilitates secure online transactions, making purchases and payments a breeze. The Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card brings peace of mind to users by offering the option to deactivate the card after completing online purchases.

Obtaining the Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card is a straightforward process. Interested individuals can purchase the M-PESA Prepay Safari Card Kit from Safaricom outlets or I&M bank branches nationwide. During the application process, applicants must provide an original and copy of their National Identity Card or Passport, along with a completed application form. The kit includes a ready-to-use Visa Card with a sealed PIN cover containing the card's PIN number for ATM usage and an I-PIN number for accessing the card account information online.

To activate the card, users need to load the desired amount onto it from their M-PESA accounts using the provided Paybill number. Information regarding available balance and transaction history can be accessed online through the I&M Bank website or by contacting the bank's 24-hour call center. Reloading the M-PESA Prepay Safari Card is a simple process, with users able to replenish the funds balance through their M-PESA menu.

In case of a lost or stolen card, immediate action is necessary. Users should report the loss to I&M Bank's 24-hour call center to have the card hotlisted. Alternatively, users can block the card themselves by logging into their card account on the I&M Bank website. Replacement cards can be requested by contacting the call center.

When using the Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card, users should be aware of the associated charges. These fees, subject to change at I&M Bank's discretion, include charges for card kits, minimum load amounts, reload fees, annual fees, refund fees, card replacement fees, cash withdrawal fees at I&M Bank and Kenswitch ATMs, and balance inquiry fees. Certain transactions, such as SMS alerts and POS/PDQ/Online transactions, may be exempt from charges.

Loading limits apply to ensure the smooth operation of the card. The minimum load amount per transaction is set at Kshs 500, while the maximum card holding amount is capped at Kshs 500,000.

The Safaricom M-PESA Prepay Safari Visa Card represents a groundbreaking solution that combines convenience, security, and financial control. With its wide acceptance and versatile functionality, this card empowers individuals to manage their funds effectively, both locally and internationally.