The mobile phone service providers are engaged in fierce competition, driving continuous innovation in the industry. Safaricom, a leading integrated communications firm in Kenya, has partnered with Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) to introduce the country's first mobile phone recycling scheme. This collaboration aims to build on CFSK's existing program for recycling old computers.

The CEO of Safaricom, Bob Collymore, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of the recycling scheme. He emphasized the partnership with Computers for Schools Kenya, stating that it provides an opportunity for Kenyans to derive greater value from their old and damaged phones and accessories. Moreover, Collymore highlighted the importance of addressing the growing challenge of e-waste in the telecommunications market and the need for a sustainable approach.

Collymore emphasized that sustainability is not merely a slogan for Safaricom but a way of life. As a Kenyan company, he believes that the viability of the phone service provider business is directly linked to the sustainability of the environment. The Safaricom and Computers for Schools Kenya mobile phone recycling scheme will be a significant contribution to the advancement of information technology in Africa.

To further promote awareness and responsibility, Safaricom will provide its staff with a handbook titled "The Answer is in your hand: mobile phones, masts, and your health." This handbook will serve as a quick reference guide on topics such as radio frequency waves, exposure guidelines, base transceiver stations (BTSs), children's use of mobile phones, radio frequency exposure in relation to 3G base stations, and the use of mobile phones in hospitals and airplanes.

Safaricom, under the leadership of CEO Bob Collymore, has also announced plans to conduct a carbon footprint analysis and engage in carbon trading. The results of this analysis will be shared in a sustainability report, marking the first time Safaricom undertakes such an assessment. The findings will inform the company's green policies, including offsetting its carbon footprint and potentially exploring emission trading in the future.

To participate in the Safaricom and Computers for Schools Kenya mobile phone recycling scheme, customers are encouraged to hand over their old mobile handsets and accessories for recycling by CFSK. The aim of the scheme is to promote the recycling and re-use of old mobile devices that would otherwise end up in landfills. Customers interested in recycling their old mobile phones and accessories can remove all personal information and drop them off at any Safaricom building or retail store, using the specially designated collection boxes. The recycling initiative accepts all brands and models of mobile phones, batteries, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and accessories.