Yu (Essar) Kenya stands out with its commendable customer care services, offering a reliable alternative to the prominent mobile service provider, Safaricom. However, the decision to outsource the customer care unit to Horizon contact centers has sparked a range of reactions among employees and customers alike. While outsourcing customer care has become a prevalent practice in Kenya's mobile telephony sector, it has had a direct impact on employees who now receive only half of their initial salaries, causing understandable concern.

For convenient access to various Yu Kenya services, here are the relevant numbers:

  • Balance Enquiry: Simply dial *131# to check your balance.
  • Prepaid Customer Care Contact Numbers:Dial 100 from your Yu Kenya Sim card to reach the customer care helpline.
  • Alternatively, you can dial +254 750100100 for assistance.
  • Topping Up Yu Airtime: Use the code 130 followed by the secret 14-digit code to conveniently top up your Yu airtime.
  • Yu Talk2me/Call Back Service: To utilize the Talk2me or call back service, dial 133 followed by the phone number you wish to reach.
  • Yu Sharing Airtime Service: If you want to share airtime with others, dial 140 followed by the desired amount, phone number, and PIN.
  • Yu Kenya Phone Contact Numbers:For inquiries or assistance using a Yu Kenya line, simply dial 100 free of charge.
  • If you prefer to reach Yu Kenya through another phone, you can call +254 20 750 100100; standard charges apply.

These contact numbers provide convenient access to Yu Kenya's services and customer care, ensuring that subscribers can receive prompt assistance and enjoy a seamless mobile experience.