In order to enjoy the bouquet of channels offered by Smart TV, it is essential to establish a connection between your decoder and television. Ensure that both devices are powered on and switched on. Please note that Smart TV channels are only accessible in locations where there is a nearby Digital Terrestrial transmitter that provides the Smart TV service. Presently, Smart TV is available in Kenya, Ghana, and Uganda within Africa.

If you are using a composite video (RCA) cable to connect your decoder to the TV, you will observe the reception of a picture from the decoder on a designated TV channel, which could be labeled as AV1, AV2, E, EXT, AUX, or channel 0.

To locate the picture reception from the Smart TV decoder on your TV's special channels, look for a language selection menu displayed on any of the designated TV channels. The specific process may vary depending on your television model, so consulting your user manual will provide you with more detailed instructions.

Once you have successfully connected all the necessary cables between the television set and decoder, you will encounter a menu picture prompting you to proceed with the initial installation. During this installation, you can customize basic settings such as language preference and antenna setup. The menu interface allows you to navigate back and forth if you need to review or modify any settings. Utilize the arrow buttons on your remote control to select and modify menu entries, and press the OK button to confirm your desired settings.

When it comes to subscription and topping up your Smart TV account, follow the instructions provided on your Smart TV voucher. As of now, the current subscription price for Smart TV in Kenya stands at Kshs. 990.

Enjoy the diverse range of channels available through Smart TV by following these steps for setup and subscription. Immerse yourself in quality entertainment without the need for a satellite dish, thanks to Smart TV's Digital Terrestrial platform.