Are you disappointed that your Nokia handset is not DVB-H enabled? Fret not, as Nokia has come up with a solution: the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver. Now, you can enjoy live television broadcasts directly on your handset. The portability of mobile phones has made mobile television increasingly popular. Dstv mobile is now available in several African cities, and all you need is a DVB-H enabled handset to enjoy live television from Dstv on the go.

To connect the Dstv mobile service to your Nokia handset using the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver, you need to ensure that your mobile phone is compatible with the Nokia SU-33W dongle. With the Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver, you can stay tuned to your favorite Dstv channels wherever you are, as long as there is DVB-H mobile TV coverage.

Let's explore the uses of the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver dongle:

  1. Access Live Television: Use the Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver dongle to access live television broadcasting channels on your mobile phone through Bluetooth connectivity.

  2. Enjoy Dstv Mobile: Instantly access DVB-H mobile television, such as Dstv mobile, and watch your favorite Dstv programs and channels while on the move.

  3. Enhanced Reception: The Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver dongle comes with a built-in antenna that ensures good reception of Dstv mobile channels, allowing you to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Now, let's take a look at the impressive features and specifications of the Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver dongle:

  • Compact Design: The dongle measures 92.4mm x 45mm x 9.8 mm and weighs a mere 14 grams (including battery), making it lightweight and easy to carry.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Equipped with V2.0 Bluetooth with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), the Nokia SU-33W mobile TV receiver dongle ensures efficient and reliable wireless communication.

  • DVB-H Streaming Protocol: Enhanced with DVB-H streaming protocol, the dongle delivers high-quality mobile TV streaming for a captivating viewing experience.

  • Long Battery Life: With an estimated operating time of up to 12 hours before requiring recharging, you can enjoy uninterrupted mobile TV for extended periods.

  • LED Indicators: The Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver dongle features LED indicators that provide useful information at a glance. The white/yellow indicator displays the DVB-H reception status, the red/green indicator indicates the battery and power status, and the blue indicator shows the Bluetooth connection status.

The Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV receiver dongle is a game-changer for Nokia handset users who desire the convenience of mobile television. Its compact size, reliable connectivity, and long battery life make it the perfect companion for enjoying live television on the go.