If you own an unlocked broadband modem and are seeking affordable and efficient internet browsing on your computer, it's important to configure the Access Point Name (APN) settings specific to your preferred network. In Kenya, the top telecommunications companies, including Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, and Yu, utilize different APN settings on their modems.

While retail broadband modems typically come with default configuration settings provided by the service provider, unlocking the modem to accept SIM cards from other networks requires you to change the APN configuration to access the internet through a different network.

Here are the APN configurations for the leading telecommunications service providers in Kenya:


APN: Safaricom
Access number: *99#

APN: ke.celtel.com
Access number: *99#

APN: Bew.orange.co.ke
Access number: 99**1#

APN: Internet
Access number: *99#
To configure your broadband modem's APN, follow these steps:

Access the control panel or user interface of your modem.
Navigate to the "TOOLS" section.
Select "OPTIONS."
Choose "Profile Management."
Enter the name of your service provider (e.g., Airtel) as the profile name.
Select "Static."
Choose the "APN" option.
Enter the APN specific to your preferred provider (e.g., ke.celtel.com for Airtel).
Enter the correct access number associated with your provider (e.g., *99# for Airtel).
Once you have completed these steps, you can enjoy internet access using your new provider.

Please note that Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, and Yu operate on the GSM network, while Telkom SIM cards and modems operate on CDMA, making them incompatible with GSM networks.