Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has recently unveiled a cutting-edge mobile banking service designed to provide account holders with convenient cash transaction capabilities through their mobile phones. This revolutionary service, known as KCB Connect Mobile Banking, leverages the power of Mpesa from Safaricom, allowing customers to effortlessly withdraw cash from their bank accounts using their mobile devices. By simply dialing *522# on their phones, customers gain instant access to the KCB Connect Mobile Banking menu.

KCB Connect offers an array of comprehensive services, catering to various financial needs. Account holders can conveniently transfer funds to their Mpesa accounts, check their bank account balances, purchase airtime using funds from their bank accounts, withdraw cash, obtain mini statements, transfer funds to other accounts, and make service requests such as cheque book orders, foreign exchange rates, full statement requests, and cheque stoppage.

Depositing cash into your KCB bank account using KCB Connect from Mpesa is a seamless process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Access your Mpesa menu and select the "Pay Bill" option.
  • Enter Kenya Commercial Bank's business number: 522522.
  • Provide your KCB account number.
  • Specify the total amount you wish to deposit.
  • Press "Send" to initiate the transfer.
  • Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation text message from Mpesa, ensuring a successful transaction.
  • Similarly, withdrawing cash from your KCB bank account via KCB Connect and Mpesa is effortless. Follow these steps:

Dial *522# on your mobile phone to access the KCB Connect menu.
Choose the "Send Money to Mpesa Account" option.
Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer.
Input your KCB Connect PIN for authorization.
Wait for a reply message to confirm the transaction's completion.
Exciting new features have been added to the KCB Connect Mobile Banking service, expanding its functionality and convenience. These include money transfers between KCB accounts using a mobile phone, transfers between KCB accounts and accounts held with other banks, mobile-to-mobile money transfers regardless of the network operator, Nairobi Water and KPLC bill payments, and the convenience of settling KCB Credit Card bills.

By introducing these innovative services, Kenya Commercial Bank aims to enhance the banking experience for its customers, providing them with seamless and secure mobile banking solutions. The KCB Connect Mobile Banking service signifies a significant milestone in financial technology, empowering customers to manage their finances efficiently while on the go.