Experience the thrill of watching live television broadcasts directly on your mobile phone using DVB-H enabled handsets. DStv Mobile has partnered with leading mobile service providers to bring you the convenience of mobile television right at your fingertips. Activating and subscribing to this service is a breeze, and we're here to guide you through the simple steps.

Follow these straightforward instructions to unlock a world of mobile television entertainment:

Step 1: Access the Main Menu on your DVB-H enabled handset and select "Mobile TV." You will see a message displayed, prompting you to purchase the content before viewing.

Step 2: Choose the "Purchase" option.

Step 3: Navigate to the Channel Packages section.

Step 4: Select the DStv Mobile channel package.

Step 5: Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Step 6: Verify your subscription request by clicking on "Purchase."

Step 7: Confirm your selection by choosing "OK." Your purchase request will then be sent.

Step 8: Look out for a message that confirms the receipt of your purchase rights.

Step 9: Select "OK" to proceed. Once you've completed these steps, your chosen subscription will be ready for viewing.

For those seeking a compatible handset, we recommend the Nokia 5330. This device is DVB-H enabled and perfectly suited for accessing the DStv Mobile service, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable mobile television experience.

Stay connected and never miss out on your favorite shows, news updates, or live sports events. With DStv Mobile and DVB-H technology, your mobile handset becomes a gateway to a captivating world of on-the-go entertainment. Activate your subscription today and start enjoying the convenience and excitement of mobile television like never before.