YU, a mobile service provider in Kenya, stands out as one of the most affordable options for both voice and data tariff plans. While Safaricom, Airtel, and Orange Telkom are the major players in the sector, YU has chosen not to acquire a 3G license. Instead, the company emphasizes its GPRS network, which it believes is capable of meeting the data needs of its subscribers. Connecting to the internet using YU is not only easy but also fast and enjoyable, with prices starting at Kshs.3 per MB. It's important to note that this price applies specifically to unsubscribed data plans, as subscribed data bundles are even more cost-effective.

YU subscribers can now enjoy internet connectivity on their handsets, enabling access to popular applications such as email, messaging, and downloads. Unsubscribed data plans from other networks typically start at Kshs.5 per MB, making YU's Kshs.3 per MB a more affordable option.

YU currently offers the most economical unlimited data plans in the country, with flexible options to suit different needs. You can choose to subscribe to data bundles for your modem or opt for mobile internet data bundles for your phone. To access YU's data bundle plans, simply dial *156# on your phone and select your preferred plan from the data bundle menu.

Here are the YU (Essar) Data Bundle Plans available for your modem: a. Subscribe to the Kshs.1 per MB Night Data Bundle by dialing 1541#. b. Subscribe to the 15-day unlimited plan for Kshs.799 by dialing 1542#. c. Subscribe to the 30-day unlimited plan for Kshs.999 by dialing 1543#. d. Subscribe to the 1GB bundle for Kshs.399 by dialing 1544#. e. Subscribe to the 2GB bundle for Kshs.599 by dialing 1545#. f. Subscribe to YU Data 100 for Kshs.250 by dialing 1546#. g. Subscribe to YU Data 250 for Kshs.500 by dialing 1547#. h. Subscribe to YU Data 750 for Kshs.1000 by dialing 1548#. i. Subscribe to YU Data 3000 for Kshs.2000 by dialing 1549#.

YU (Essar) Data Bundle Plans for mobile phones: a. Subscribe to the 15-day unlimited plan for Kshs.99 by dialing 1561#. b. Subscribe to the 30-day unlimited plan for Kshs.199 by dialing 1562#. c. Subscribe to the 3-day unlimited plan for Kshs.29 by dialing 1563#.

YU (Essar) Non-Modem Data Bundle Plans: a. Subscribe to the Dedicated 1bob plan at Kshs.1 per MB by dialing 1571#. b. Subscribe to the daily unlimited data plan for Kshs.39 by dialing 1572#. c. Subscribe to the weekend pack for Kshs.49 by dialing 1573#. d. Subscribe to the 20MB plan at 6:00 PM for Kshs.6 by dialing 1574#. e. Subscribe to the 25MB plan at 9:00 PM for Kshs.9 by dialing 1575#.

These data bundle plans offer YU subscribers a range of options to suit their specific requirements. Stay connected and enjoy affordable internet access with YU (Essar) mobile services.