In a significant development, Orange Telkom Kenya has found a strategic partner to support its ambitious rollout of 3G services scheduled for this year. ZTE, a renowned Chinese technology corporation with a strong presence in Africa, has emerged as the chosen partner. While Safaricom currently stands as the sole 3G service provider in the country, other major players are expected to upgrade their services in the coming months.

Orange Telkom Kenya needs to be mindful of the timing, as Safaricom has plans to upgrade to 4G technology, an advanced platform beyond its existing 3G infrastructure. However, the partnership with ZTE, valued at Sh4 billion, will empower Orange Telkom to introduce a host of new internet services that harness the impressive speeds associated with 3G technology.

The installation of the 3G infrastructure is on track and slated for completion by May, followed by the official launch of 3G services. With 3G, customers can expect high-quality wireless broadband internet browsing and faster download speeds. Mickael Ghossein, the company's CEO, stated that Orange Broadband will provide internet speeds of up to 21 megabytes per second once the 3G platform is operational.

The partnership with ZTE will also facilitate comprehensive training of staff in network management and initial maintenance. Currently, Orange Telkom offers the most competitive data bundle subscription rates compared to other providers, particularly Safaricom. This development aims to meet the growing demand for internet services on the Orange Telkom network.

ZTE's installation of 3G infrastructure will enable seamless transitions from 2G to 3G and eventually to 4G, without requiring costly network overlays or infrastructure replacements. As a result, the company's subscription rate is expected to rise once the new infrastructure is in place. The introduction of 3G will greatly enhance the customer experience by providing reliable browsing and download speeds.

The initial rollout of 3G services will focus on densely populated areas, such as Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombasa, ensuring a wider reach and maximum impact for Orange Telkom's enhanced offerings.