Enhance your callers' experience by personalizing their ringback tones with the Orange Telkom hello tunes service. Say goodbye to generic default tones used by network operators, and let your callers hear your favorite tunes before you answer their phone calls. With Orange Telkom, registering for this service is a breeze, and you can enjoy your customized ringback tones in just three simple steps.

To get started, Orange Telkom subscribers need to register for the hello tunes service. Once registered, a default ringback tone called "Twende Twende" will be allocated to your phone number, giving you a unique starting point for personalization.

After registration, it's time to download your preferred ringback tones into your Ring Back Tone (RBT) account. Select from a wide range of options that suit your taste and style.

Next, set your desired ringback tone(s). You have the flexibility to choose whether you want the tone to be the default for all callers or specific to certain individuals. This way, you can personalize your caller's experience based on your relationship or preferences.

To register and subscribe to the Orange Telkom hello tunes service, simply create a new text message with the word "ON" and send it to 1351. Alternatively, you can dial 134 on your mobile phone and follow the prompts. This will initiate the subscription process.

To download your preferred ringback tone(s), create a new text message with the word "get" followed by the song code, and send it to 1351. For multiple tones, separate the song codes with spaces in the same text message. Alternatively, you can dial 134 and follow the prompts for a smooth downloading experience.

To use a specific tone, create a text message with the word "set" followed by the song code, and send it to 1351. This will activate the chosen ringback tone for your callers to enjoy.

If you come across a tune you love while calling an Orange mobile number, you can copy it as your default tone. Simply dial 1# while listening to the tune, and you will receive a text message confirming the successful copying of the tune as well as its details.

To manage your hello tunes, you have options to delete a specific ringback tone by creating a new text message with the word "del" followed by the code, and sending it to 1351. You can also query your tune list or get details of a specific tune by sending the respective commands to 1351.

To unsubscribe from the hello tunes service, send a text message with the word "off" to 1351. You will receive a confirmation message indicating the successful cancellation of your hello tunes service.

The service comes at an affordable cost, with a monthly subscription fee of Kshs 20, valid for 30 days. Downloading a new ringback tone incurs a fee of Kshs 5, valid for 7 days. Please note that standard SMS charges apply at Kshs 1 per SMS.

Enjoy the freedom to personalize your callers' experience with Orange Telkom's hello tunes service. Make every call unique and memorable with your favorite tunes.