Orange Telkom Kenya offers the most affordable data bundle prices among service providers in the country. However, one of their main limitations is the browsing speed, currently limited to 2G technology using GSM and Telkom 3G plus CDMA, which is not widely supported on handsets. Most mobile phone service providers utilize the GSM network instead of CDMA. Subscribers on the Orange Telkom network can access the internet for as little as Ksh. 150 per month.

To penetrate further into the data services market, Orange Telkom has significantly reduced its data bundle prices since migrating from EVDO to the 1X platform. This migration allows Orange Telkom subscribers to enjoy improved and reliable internet connectivity on their handsets.

Orange Telkom's modems utilize the 3G plus platform operating on CDMA technology, while handsets use the GSM platform running on a 2G network, with an upgrade to 3G expected within the year. The new data bundle prices apply to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Previously, Ksh. 150 would provide 50MB of data, but now, for the same amount, customers receive 100MB. Similarly, for Ksh. 850, customers used to get 500MB of data, whereas now they receive 1000MB.

Old Bundle (MB) 50 100 200 500 1GB 2Gb New Bundle (MB) 100 200 400 1GB 2GB 4GB Value (Ksh) 150 250 450 850 1,500 2,200

Orange Telkom modems are priced at Kshs. 1,999 and come with a RUIM card and 25MB of free data at 3G+ speeds.

It is anticipated that Orange Telkom will further reduce its bundle prices upon migrating to the 3G network to remain competitive. Airtel has already launched its 3G network in most parts of Nairobi, offering comparatively cheaper rates. Safaricom, whose dominance in the voice sector is declining due to increased competition, heavily relies on data as a major source of income and will face significant challenges as a result.