Hewlett Packard (HP), a renowned provider of integrated solutions, has recently unveiled a state-of-the-art Training Centre in the country, aiming to enrich knowledge about its extensive range of products and services. This center serves as a hub for disseminating information on HP's offerings and the latest technological advancements, enabling customers to maximize their utilization of the company's cutting-edge investments.

In a strategic partnership with Quintica, a prominent ICT firm, HP has also established a resource center that enhances the capacity of existing and future customers through comprehensive training programs and solutions in the region. The new HP training center holds immense significance for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their workforce's service capabilities while equipping them with the necessary technical expertise.

Recognizing the evolving technology landscape, HP acknowledges the importance for companies that have invested in its products to upgrade their staff's skills in line with technological advancements. This ensures effective management of new technologies within their respective IT environments. The HP training center adheres to global training standards, employing highly qualified trainers capable of meeting rigorous criteria.

The establishment of an HP-operated training center in Kenya reflects the company's commitment to dispel any misinformation surrounding its services and products. By equipping customers with relevant information and skills, the training center aims to empower individuals and organizations to successfully leverage HP's technology.

Many companies and businesses often face downtime due to a lack of necessary knowledge, and HP aims to address this issue through its training center in the region. The facility will provide IT staff from various organizations, including both HP customers and partners, with the technical expertise required to enhance their daily operations using HP products.

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the training facility not only increases organizations' productivity through skilled personnel but also fosters a less risky business environment. Training programs are thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers, offering simulations and hands-on training in their respective IT environments.

Of significant importance, HP customers who undergo training will receive HP ExpertONE certification upon completion. This esteemed certification enables professionals to assess their skills and knowledge against industry-standard benchmarks, solidifying their expertise within the field.