Setting up Airtel internet configuration on your handset is a simple process that ensures seamless internet access. Just send a text message to 232, and you will receive the internet settings promptly. Upon receiving the settings, you have the option to either discard or save them. To store the configuration settings, select the "SAVE" option. Moreover, you can use your handset to connect to the internet on your computer via USB or Bluetooth. However, to establish the data connection on your computer, you need to configure the connection settings accordingly.

To enable Picture Messaging Service (MMS) on your handset, send a text message with the keyword "MMS" to 232. The MMS settings will be sent directly to your device. It's important to note that you must also subscribe to Airtel Connect in order to utilize this service.

Similarly, if you wish to access Airtel Portal services via WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), send a text message with the keyword "WAP" to 232. The relevant settings will be sent to your handset. Just like with the MMS service, you need an active Airtel Connect subscription to utilize the Airtel Portal services.

For manual Airtel internet configuration settings on handsets and data cards, follow these steps:
Input the following values in their respective fields:
  • APN:
  • User name: Leave blank or enter "internet" if required.
  • Password: Leave blank or enter "internet" if required.
  • Proxy IP: Leave blank or enter "" if required.
  • Port: Leave blank or enter "8080" if required.

If you encounter any difficulties during the configuration process or require further assistance, you can always reach out to Airtel's customer care by dialing 232.

The technological advancements in Africa are truly remarkable, and Airtel is committed to providing reliable internet services to keep you connected.