Football, being a globally renowned sport that connects cultures and empowers communities, has captured the attention of Bharti Airtel Kenya. With the aim of introducing their own unique version of the Sakata ball competition, Airtel, the second-largest mobile service provider in Kenya after Safaricom, seeks to offer even greater rewards. Over the years, Safaricom initiated the Sakata Ball program, a school-based football competition, which has been successful in attracting participants from all regions of Kenya. However, Airtel has recognized certain shortcomings in the program, such as low prize rewards, and aims to address them with their new initiative called the Rising Stars Pan African Soccer talent program.

Airtel's objective is to nurture and develop emerging talent into future superstars by conceptualizing a distinctive football talent competition across its 16 markets in Africa. Football has the ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds with a shared goal of victory, and for many footballers, it serves as their livelihood. Consequently, Airtel sees the potential in harnessing the power of football to engage more subscribers and strengthen their network.

The Rising Stars Pan African Soccer talent program, as outlined by Airtel Kenya, places a strong emphasis on identifying and nurturing soccer talent at the grassroots level, ultimately progressing to the national level. The program provides a platform for young aspiring players, aged below seventeen, to showcase their skills to renowned scouts and coaches. The aim is to enhance their football abilities and open up opportunities for further growth. The program structure consists of regional and national tournaments, culminating in exclusive soccer clinics conducted by Manchester United Soccer Schools in Tanzania and Gabon.

Airtel's collaboration with Manchester United, a leading European football club, has played a pivotal role in the establishment of this program. Through a four-year sponsorship and mobile content agreement, Airtel has tapped into Manchester United's extensive technical resources and sports marketing expertise. This partnership will undoubtedly contribute to the success and credibility of the Rising Stars Pan African Soccer talent program.

The rewards offered in the program are designed to motivate and incentivize participants. The national tournament winner will receive Kshs.50,000 worth of books, while the second runners-up will also receive the same prize. Additionally, four talented youths (two girls and two boys) will earn the opportunity to train at the prestigious Manchester United Soccer Schools Camp in Tanzania.

Airtel's Rising Stars Pan African Soccer talent program showcases the company's commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting football excellence. By providing a platform for aspiring footballers to showcase their skills, Airtel aims to contribute to the development of African football and create opportunities for promising athletes to realize their dreams.