The Wananchi Group, an established cable television service provider in Nairobi, has formed partnerships to introduce satellite television services in Kenya. This strategic move follows a significant investment of Kshs.5 billion aimed at expanding its services and reaching a wider customer base. By launching a pay TV service, the Wananchi Group aims to extend its coverage across Kenya, encompassing regions like North Eastern Province, Nairobi, and Mombasa. Additionally, the investment will be utilized to expand the fiber optics network in major towns including Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, and Kisumu.

With a focus on capturing a substantial market share in the competitive Kenyan market, the Wananchi Group is committed to providing comprehensive services such as pay TV, broadband internet, and voice communication. Currently, the pay TV market in Kenya is dominated by DStv, owned by the South African company Multichoice. However, the pricing factor is expected to play a significant role in determining the market share and influence of service providers in Kenya. The provision of pay TV services in the country has gained momentum since Smart TV launched its services utilizing the digital terrestrial infrastructure established during the Analog to Digital migration process.

Smart TV is presently available in Nairobi and has plans for expansion to other major towns like Mombasa and Kisumu in the near future. In an effort to compete with DStv and Smart TV, the Wananchi Group has reached out to local television content producers, inviting them to contribute content that will be broadcasted through its satellite pay TV service. This initiative is aimed at attracting customers and creating a compelling offering. Other providers, such as Star TV and My TV, are also expected to enter the market segment soon, further increasing competition.

The emergence of multiple pay TV service providers in Kenya is expected to benefit television enthusiasts and local content producers. However, the challenge lies in convincing consumers and capturing a larger audience for their services. To match its rival Smart TV, which has a presence in the Nairobi area, the Wananchi Group plans to purchase content from local producers. This strategic move demonstrates their commitment to delivering compelling programming options to customers.