HP Compaq holds a distinguished reputation as one of the leading computer manufacturers worldwide. The merger between Compaq and HP resulted in the emergence of HP Compaq, following HP's acquisition of its major rival. Among the range of laptops available in the Kenyan market, the HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook stands out as an affordable option. This notebook combines essential features and specifications, backed by the reputable brand that manufactured it. Safaricom stores have been offering the HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook for a considerable period, consistently witnessing soaring sales each year.

Over the years, the HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook has garnered a significant user base, mainly due to its competitive price compared to other notebook computers. It is undeniably one of the best deals you can find at Safaricom or other computer shops in Kenya if you have a limited budget and prioritize learning and web browsing over computer gaming. However, it is worth mentioning that the notebook is still capable of supporting lighter computer games, should the need arise.

Let's delve into the features and specifications of the HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook:

  1. Intel Atom N270 Core Solo 1.6GHz Processor: This processor provides sufficient speed for basic functions such as internet browsing, learning activities, and playing less demanding computer games. It comes with a 512MB Level 2 cache.

  2. 1GB DDR2 RAM: The HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook boasts an efficient 1GB DDR2 RAM, which enables smooth operation for most applications and multitasking. With twice the memory capacity of the Acer Aspire AOD250, it ensures ample space for your computing needs.

  3. 160 Flash Storage Drive: This notebook features a spacious 160GB Flash Storage Drive, offering more than enough room to store your files and run various applications.

  4. 10.1-Inch Wide Display Screen: The HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook presents a 10.1-inch wide display screen with a resolution of 1024x576 pixels. It incorporates anti-glare technology, enhancing the viewing experience by minimizing glare and reflections.

  5. 5-in-1 Integrated Digital Media Reader: Equipped with a 5-in-1 integrated Digital Media Reader, this notebook supports xD, Secure Digital cards, MultiMedia cards, Memory Stick, and Memory Stick Pro.

  6. Webcam with Integrated Microphone: The built-in webcam, along with the integrated microphone, enables seamless video conferencing and online communication. Additionally, it features a 92% full-size keyboard, ensuring comfortable typing.

  7. 3-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery and Wi-Fi Connectivity: The HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook comes with a 3-cell Lithium-Ion battery, offering decent battery life. It is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for effortless wireless internet access.

Safaricom provides the HP Compaq Mini 110c-1120ei notebook at a price of Kshs. 29,999 in their retail outlets. Alternatively, customers can choose the option of paying Kshs. 3,178 per month for 12 months through the laptops for all initiative. The notebook comes pre-installed with Windows XP Home Basic SP3, facilitating a user-friendly interface and a range of compatible software applications.