Yu Mobile has introduced an exciting feature for its subscribers with DVB-H enabled handsets, allowing them to enjoy live television broadcasts from DStv Mobile. Mobile phone users now have the option to subscribe to the DStv mobile service and watch their favorite TV programs from any location covered by the service. The utilization of DVB-H technology represents a recent advancement in the mobile phone industry, transforming handsets into more than just phones but also portable televisions.

In Kenya, Yu customers can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to access television channels on their DVB-H enabled mobile handsets, specifically in Mombasa and Nairobi. Currently, this service is available for free, but subscription charges will be implemented once the service has gained reasonable awareness among mobile phone users.

To subscribe to the DStv mobile service, follow these steps:Confirm that your area is covered by DStv mobile.
Obtain a DVB-H compatible mobile phone.
Ensure that your mobile handset is data enabled, as this will be required during the initial stage of the subscription process.
Subscribe to the DStv mobile service by accessing the mobile TV option on your handset.
Start watching your favorite programs live on your handset and enjoy the convenience of mobile television.

DStv Mobile offers a wide range of thrilling programs from various local channels, all contained in Magic World. These channels feature an array of sports, movies, and series genres, providing entertainment for diverse preferences.

Among the channels available, you will find:KBC, a state-owned free-to-air channel offering general entertainment programs and local news, including sports, movies, and music.
A free-to-air channel with programs spanning various genres, including soaps, comedies, music, and news.
Kenya Television Network (KTN), a leading local channel that provides authoritative news and international programs.
Sports channels dedicated to live sports coverage and updates.
Super Sport 3, which broadcasts live football events.
Super Sport 7, a special channel that focuses on broadcasting live sports events on a wide screen.
Cartoon Network, offering a delightful selection of cartoon programs loved by kids.
A music channel featuring the latest and classic music in genres such as soul, R&B, and hip hop.
A Christian-based television channel for spiritual nourishment.
International news channels delivering unmatched, impartial, and in-depth news analysis.
A global news coverage channel providing impartial analysis.

With DStv Mobile and the availability of DVB-H technology, Yu Mobile subscribers can now enjoy the convenience of watching live television on their mobile handsets, providing entertainment on the go. Explore the diverse range of channels and programs to cater to your preferences and stay connected to the world of entertainment, news, and sports wherever you are.