The "Wezesha" initiative, a collaborative effort between the Kenya ICT Board and the Ministry of Information and Communications, aims to make laptop computers more accessible to Kenyan university students at affordable prices. Recognizing the financial challenges faced by students, particularly those from modest backgrounds, the program aims to significantly reduce the cost of laptops through subsidies. It is estimated that over 15,667 Kenyan university students will benefit from this program.

Under the Wezesha program, eligible university students will receive a subsidy of Kshs. 9000, which can be used towards the purchase of a laptop computer at a reduced price. While the program is considered experimental, it holds great potential to make laptops more affordable for university students.

The price reductions will be either 15% or 33%, depending on the model of the laptop. This fixed incentive will be applicable to two specific laptop models sold by qualified retailers. Regardless of the specifications and original price of the laptops, students will be able to enjoy the predetermined percentage reduction.

The Wezesha subsidized laptops program is open to all Kenyan university students enrolled in accredited universities, both public and private, within the country. However, it is important for universities to express their interest in participating in the program to ensure their students can benefit from it.

Here is the step-by-step process for university students to obtain subsidized laptops:Students must log into the Wezesha portal and complete the registration process.
The university coordinator will then verify and approve the students' registration online.
Once approved, students will receive a voucher via email.
Students should then log back into the Wezesha portal and select their desired laptop model.
The portal will display the details of the selected laptop, including the reduced price after deducting the voucher amount.
The retailer will receive a notification of the intended purchase.
Students can visit the designated retailer, present the voucher, and pay the remaining amount to acquire the laptop.

By simplifying the purchasing process and providing financial support, the Wezesha initiative aims to empower Kenyan university students with access to affordable laptops, facilitating their academic pursuits and digital empowerment.