Safaricom has introduced two highly affordable Dstv mobile DVB-H compatible handsets to its retail stores in Kenya, providing customers with a choice between the Nokia 5330 mobile TV edition or the ZTE F900. These handsets are not only DVB-H Mobile TV compatible but also come with data connectivity, which is essential for subscribing to the Dstv mobile service.

Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition:

TV Features:

The Nokia 5330 is equipped with DVB-H compatibility, allowing users to receive live broadcast television in areas where this service is available. Upon subscribing to the Dstv mobile service on their handsets, users will have access to a program guide that offers automatic updates and channel discovery.

One of the most remarkable features of this handset is the ability to instantly replay TV programs, with a playback duration of up to 30 seconds. Moreover, viewers can choose to record their favorite TV programs using the Nokia 5330 for later viewing.

The Program Guide feature ensures that users receive reminders when their favorite programs are about to air. Dstv mobile offers various payment and subscription methods, including free-to-air, pay-per-view, and previews.

Price: Kshs.13,999

ZTE F900 Mobile TV Features:

The ZTE F900 is also DVB-H compatible, enabling users to receive Dstv mobile channels in areas where the service is available. It supports a program guide with automatic updates and new channel discovery, ensuring that users stay up-to-date with the Dstv mobile bouquet.

Price: Kshs. 8,999

Additional features of both handsets include:Compatibility with Dstv mobile services
3G network support
Expandable memory with MicroSD card
FM radio functionality

For more information on how to subscribe to Dstv Mobile on your DVB-H enabled handset, please refer to the relevant instructions.

Safaricom's offering of these affordable Dstv mobile handsets demonstrates its commitment to providing customers with convenient access to a wide range of digital entertainment options.