Sim cards have become an integral part of our daily lives, providing us with connectivity and communication. However, obtaining a network sim card and owning a mobile phone used to be a costly affair in the past. The majority of sim cards used today are based on GSM technology. In recent years, MicroSim cards have been introduced, specifically designed for data usage on GSM devices. As the name suggests, MicroSim cards are smaller in size, approximately half the size of regular GSM sim cards.

Exciting news comes from Apple as they announce the launch of the iPad, which operates on both WiFi and 3G GSM networks, requiring the use of MicroSim cards. Although MicroSim cards have not gained widespread popularity since their invention in 2003, it is expected that the iPad's adoption of this technology will significantly increase their usage. Safaricom, Kenya's leading telecommunications provider, has now introduced MicroSim cards at their retail stores exclusively for Kenyan iPad users. The MicroSim card, also known as a 3FF sim card, measures 12mm x 15mm, making it smaller than the regular sim cards that measure 15mm x 25mm.

Safaricom, being the country's largest telecommunications operator, now offers MicroSim cards for sale at their stores nationwide, catering to users of iPads and other devices compatible with MicroSim cards.

To obtain a Safaricom MicroSim card for iPads and iPhones, follow these simple steps:Visit any Safaricom retail shop across the country and request a MicroSim card.
Prepaid customers can call Safaricom customer care at @100 and request a MicroSim card.
Postpaid customers can call Safaricom customer care at @200 and request a MicroSim card.

Once you have acquired a Safaricom MicroSim card, you can enjoy faster 3G internet connectivity on your device. Additionally, it is worth noting that you can carefully cut a regular Safaricom Sim card to the size of a MicroSim card and use it in your iPad or iPhone; however, this procedure requires precision and caution.

Safaricom strives to meet the evolving needs of its customers by offering cutting-edge technology and convenient solutions such as MicroSim cards, enabling seamless connectivity and enhanced mobile experiences.