Safaricom recognizes the need for reliable and unlimited internet access for homeowners, and to cater to this demand, they have introduced the Safaricom Residential Fixed Data Plan. By targeting home computer owners, Safaricom aims to boost their data sales and tap into the untapped residential data market, which has been overlooked by other internet service providers.

Let's explore the offers available under the Safaricom Residential/SOHO Fixed Data Plan:

Capacity: 512kbpsPrice (inclusive of value added tax): Kshs.3,999
Value added services: Suspended

Capacity: 1MbpsPrice (inclusive of value added tax): Kshs.5,999
Value added services:Free domain
Free web hosting for 1 year

Capacity: 2MbpsPrice (inclusive of value added tax): Kshs.6,999
Value added services:Free domain
Free web hosting for 1 year

In addition to these offerings, customers will receive the following benefits:Free CPE (Customer Premises Equipment), including a wimax radio unit for wimax solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity.
Free installation service, making it hassle-free for customers to set up their internet connection at home.
For domains and web hosting, customers will receive the individual package, allowing them to establish their online presence easily.

Safaricom is committed to providing reliable and high-speed internet access to residential customers, enabling them to enjoy uninterrupted browsing and connectivity from the comfort of their homes. With the added value of free domain and web hosting services, Safaricom ensures that customers have all the necessary tools to establish their online presence effortlessly.

Choose Safaricom's Residential Fixed Data Plan and experience the convenience of unlimited internet access tailored specifically for homeowners. Stay connected, explore the digital world, and make the most out of your home computing experience with Safaricom.