Safaricom is now offering a special promotion for businesses that require fixed data charges for their cyber café broadband internet connections. Customers can enjoy a 50% discount on all installation charges. Depending on the nature of your business, Safaricom provides two connectivity options: wimax connection and fiber optic connection. As online transactions continue to increase, cyber café businesses are gaining popularity, and the telecommunications industry has made significant advancements in lowering internet access rates.

Take a look at the fixed data broadband internet offers for cyber cafés:Fixed Data for Cyber with 4-10 Computers:Duplex capacity of 256kbs
Price (excluding tax): Kshs. 9,999
Price (including tax): Kshs. 11,599
Monthly charges applyFixed Data for Cyber with 11-20 Computers:Duplex capacity of 512kbs
Price (excluding tax): Kshs. 14,999
Price (including tax): Kshs. 17,399
Monthly charges applyFixed Data for Cyber with More than 20 Computers:Duplex capacity of 1mbs
Price (excluding tax): Kshs. 22,000
Price (including tax): Kshs. 25,520
Monthly charges apply

By choosing any of the Safaricom fixed data cyber café broadband internet packages mentioned above, you will enjoy the following benefits:Free installation and a complimentary wimax radio unit (CPE)
24/7 support to address any concerns or technical issues
Dedicated bandwidth for optimal performance
Discounted monthly charges, allowing you to save on costs
Free domain hosting to establish your online presence effectively

Safaricom understands the unique needs of cyber café businesses and is committed to providing reliable and affordable solutions to help your business thrive in the digital era.