Safaricom has introduced an exclusive loyalty program called Bonga Points, designed to appreciate and reward its valued customers for their continued patronage. This loyalty program is open to all Safaricom subscribers, regardless of whether they are on prepaid or postpaid plans. By using various Safaricom services such as voice calls, data, text messaging, and Mpesa mobile money transfers, customers can accumulate Bonga Points.

To participate in the Bonga Points program and start earning rewards, customers need to register and activate their membership. Every Kshs.10 spent on eligible Safaricom services mentioned earlier earns the customer 1 Bonga Point. As customers accumulate more Bonga Points, the rewards they can claim become increasingly substantial.

The rewards offered through the Bonga Points scheme encompass a wide range of benefits. These include data bundles, talk time, text messages, MMS bundles, mobile phones, modems, laptops, and other accessories available at Safaricom retail outlets. Once customers have accumulated the minimum required Bonga Points for a specific reward, they can conveniently redeem them either through their mobile phones or by visiting Safaricom's retail outlets, depending on the chosen reward.

Enrolling and activating the Bonga Points service is a straightforward process. By dialing *126# on their mobile phones, customers can access the following Bonga Points options:Enroll in the Bonga Points service and receive 10 free Bonga Points as a welcome bonus.
Check their Bonga Points balance by sending a text message with the keyword "Bonga" to 124.
Redeem their Bonga Points for exciting rewards.

To redeem Bonga Points, customers can follow these steps:Dial *126# on their mobile phones to access the Bonga Points menu.
Choose the "Redeem Bonga Points" option.
Select the desired reward from the list of available options.
Reply with the corresponding choice to confirm the redemption.
A confirmation text message will be received, stating the details of the redemption and the updated Bonga Points balance. For instance, the message may read, "You have redeemed 100 points for 4 free SMS. Your new points balance is 200."

Safaricom's Bonga Points program aims to enhance customer satisfaction by rewarding their loyalty and providing them with valuable incentives for their continued use of Safaricom's services.