In the rapidly evolving banking sector, mobile phone banking has emerged as one of the most promising innovations. Pesa Pap, a groundbreaking service, enables customers to conduct cash transactions on their bank accounts using a mobile phone equipped with money transfer services like Mpesa. Safaricom, a leading telecommunications service provider in the country, introduced Mpesa, the most widely used mobile money transfer service in Kenya.

Pesa Pap, a collaborative initiative between Safaricom and Family Bank, offers customers the convenience of making cash transactions on their accounts using a mobile phone. This service provides round-the-clock access to accounts via a cost-effective and secure mobile banking platform. Pesa Pap has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, granting customers access to a diverse menu of supported services. Registered members can access the Pesa Pap menu by dialing *325# on their mobile handsets.

Registering for Pesa Pap Mobile Banking Service:

To register for the Pesa Pap service, customers can complete application forms at their nearest Family Bank branch.
Upon successful registration, customers will receive a personal identification number (PIN) via a text message.
Customers' mobile phones will be activated upon completion of the registration process.
Access the Pesa Pap menu by dialing *325# on your mobile phone.
Depositing Cash into Your Family Bank Account using Pesa Pap:

Navigate to your Mpesa menu and select "Pay Bill."
Enter Family Bank's business number, 222111.
Input your bank account number.
Press send to complete the transfer.
Withdrawing Cash from Your Family Bank Account using Pesa Pap:

  • Dial *325# on your phone to access the Pesa Pap menu.
  • Reply with 2 for Mpesa.
  • Alternatively, reply with 0 for Mpesa.
  • Enter the desired amount you wish to transfer from your bank account to your Mpesa account.
  • Provide your Pesa Pap PIN.
  • Await a confirmation message.
  • Pesa Pap offers a range of additional services, including:

Mini statement request.
Purchasing airtime.
Statement request.
Salary advance.
Cheque book order.
Stop cheque.
Experience the transformative power of Pesa Pap Mobile Phone Banking Service, as it redefines convenience and accessibility in the banking landscape.