Mobile phone number portability offers a groundbreaking solution for individuals seeking to switch their network provider while keeping their existing phone number. This service, recently launched in Kenya, grants mobile phone subscribers the freedom to change service providers without the hassle of changing their phone numbers.

Over 60 countries worldwide have already adopted mobile number portability, including African nations like South Africa and Egypt. The introduction of this service in Kenya is set to intensify competition among mobile phone service providers, ultimately benefiting subscribers. Currently, switching providers often means losing contact with friends, relatives, and business partners, necessitating the arduous task of informing each one individually about a new phone number.

To take advantage of the diverse offerings and services provided by different service providers, subscribers resorted to owning multiple SIM cards from various providers, resulting in the need for multiple mobile phones—a costly and inefficient solution. Each service provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as data speeds and voice rates, making the ability to choose the best-suited provider highly advantageous.

Here is a step-by-step guide to utilizing the mobile phone number portability service and seamlessly transitioning to a new service provider while retaining your original phone number:

Requirements for Mobile Phone Number Portability:

Visit any retail shop of the service provider you wish to switch to and complete the mobile number portability form.
Present your original identification documents, such as a passport or ID card, for verification purposes. For company lines, an official signed letter from the organization permitting the process may be required.
Pay a porting service fee of Kshs200, after which you will be issued a new SIM card.
Throughout the automated porting process, you can continue enjoying the services of your current mobile service provider.
Before the automated switching process begins, ensure that you save your phone contacts, preferably by transferring your SIM contacts to your mobile phone.
Clear any existing airtime balance and funds in your mobile transfer account, as well as settle any borrowed airtime or outstanding bills.
Process of Mobile Phone Number Portability Service:

Using your existing mobile phone number, send a text message with the word PORT or HAMA to 1501.
You will receive one of the following text messages from the PORTING service:
i. Thank you for your SMS.
ii. Your porting request is being processed.
iii. Your porting request has failed. Please contact your new operator.
Once the switching process is complete:

Within 48 hours, you will receive a text message from PORTING with the following information:
i. This account will be closed soon.
ii. Please use your SIM card from your new operator.
iii. Porting error. Please contact your new operator.

Replace your current SIM card with the new SIM card from the new operator and start enjoying the services provided by your chosen mobile service provider.

Now, you have the freedom to shift or transfer between networks such as Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, or Yu while retaining your valuable phone number. Embrace the convenience of mobile phone number portability and embark on a seamless transition to your preferred service provider.