In moments of urgency when we find ourselves in need of airtime to make important calls but lack sufficient funds, Airtel Kenya has introduced the Kopa Credo airtime credit service. This innovative service enables subscribers to access airtime when they require it but don't have the funds, allowing them to pay it back at a later time. Airtel distinguishes itself by allowing users of the Kopa Credo airtime credit facility to make calls both within and outside the Airtel network.

The Kopa Credo airtime credit service offers credit advances in the following denominations:Kshs. 20 worth of airtime
Kshs. 50 worth of airtime
Kshs. 100 worth of airtime

To qualify for and utilize the Kopa Credo airtime advance credit facility, certain requirements and conditions must be met:The amount of credit a subscriber can access will depend on an automated credit score vetting process.
The subscriber must have been on Airtel's network for a minimum of three months.
Only prepaid customers on Airtel's network are eligible.
The credit amount must be repaid within three days.

To utilize the Kopa Credo advance airtime service, follow these steps:Dial *111# on your mobile phone.
Respond with the corresponding letter representing the desired amount (e.g., reply with 2 for Kshs. 50 worth of airtime).
Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation message from Airtel.

Additionally, Airtel offers other services to its subscribers, including:Me2U: An airtime sharing service.
Call back request: Sends a free text message, "please call me," to another Airtel subscriber, requesting a call back.
Airtel Money: A mobile money transfer service.

These services provide additional convenience and flexibility to Airtel customers, ensuring a seamless and enhanced user experience.