Yu, a mobile service provider in Kenya, is offering an exciting opportunity for Kenyan mobile subscribers to acquire a free ZTE GS 213 dual mobile phone through their innovative ownership plan. Dual mobile phones have become increasingly popular as they provide a convenient solution for individuals who wish to avoid carrying multiple handsets for different service providers. With a dual mobile phone, you can have two active SIM cards from the same or different mobile providers simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate devices.

To obtain a ZTE GS 213 dual mobile phone from Yu, customers simply need to recharge their Yu SIM cards with vouchers worth Kshs.50 or more for the next 22 top-ups. Normally priced at Kshs.2,199 at Yu retail stores, this exclusive deal allows customers to own the handset completely free of charge while spending only a minimal amount on airtime, which they would have utilized anyway.

By taking advantage of this offer, customers can enjoy several benefits along with their free ZTE GS 213 dual mobile phone:
  • Extra talk time worth Kshs.1,100 (calculated as 22 x 50)
  • Additional Yu to Yu talk time worth Kshs.1,100 (calculated as 22 x 50)
  • A complimentary ZTE GS 213 dual mobile phone handset
  • 12 months of warranty coverage for the phone and accompanying accessories

The ZTE GS 213 dual phone comes equipped with the following specifications:
  • Dual SIM capability, allowing for the use of two active SIM cards simultaneously
  • Internet connectivity for convenient web browsing
  • Built-in torch functionality
  • FM radio for entertainment on the go
  • Support for a MicroSD card, enabling expanded storage space for files and media.

With the free ZTE GS 213 dual mobile phone deal from Yu (Essar) Kenya, subscribers can enjoy the convenience of a dual SIM phone, additional talk time, and the peace of mind that comes with a 12-month warranty. Take advantage of this offer today and streamline your mobile communication experience.