Equity Bank has established a strategic partnership with Orange Kenya to offer its customers the opportunity to purchase a wide range of Orange products available at Orange retail shops across the country. Under this collaboration, Equity Bank introduces a loan facility enabling customers to access funds starting from as low as Kshs.1,000, with flexible repayment options ranging from one day to twelve months. This exclusive offer is open to existing Equity Bank account holders as well as individuals who intend to open accounts with the bank.

Equity Bank customers can now easily fulfill their aspirations of owning their desired laptop computers and mobile phones through this innovative loan facility. In today's Africa, technology has evolved to a point where owning a laptop or personal computer is considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Job seekers, students, and individuals pursuing diverse interests all recognize the indispensable role of a personal computer in accomplishing their goals.

To take advantage of this exciting offer, Equity Bank customers simply need to visit any Orange Kenya retail shop nationwide and select the product of their choice. These products encompass an extensive range, including laptops, broadband modems, mobile phones, and various accessories.

Upon selecting their desired product, customers will receive a quotation from the retail shop specifying the purchase details. Subsequently, customers should proceed to Equity Bank to apply for the loan facility, presenting the provided quotation as part of the loan application process. For those customers without an existing account at Equity Bank, opening an account will be a prerequisite.

Equity Bank will efficiently process the loan application and promptly notify the applicant regarding the loan's approval status. Once approved, the customer should return to the Orange Kenya retail shop where the selected products were identified.

At the Orange Kenya retail shop, customers will be required to present the following essential documents:

Original ID or a valid passport
A certified copy of either:
The offer approval letter from Equity Bank
The shop attendant will verify the applicant's loan status and subsequently issue an invoice for the approved items outlined in the initial quotation. By adhering to these simple steps, customers can fulfill their aspirations of owning cutting-edge technology products with the support of Equity Bank and Orange Kenya.

This collaboration between Equity Bank and Orange Kenya signifies the relentless progress of technology in Africa, empowering individuals to achieve their dreams and enhancing their overall quality of life.