LG, a renowned global electronics powerhouse, continues to push boundaries in various product categories, from entertainment to health. Their latest breakthrough in DVD player technology introduces internet capability, revolutionizing the way users access content. LG has unveiled a cutting-edge DVD player that allows users to directly stream movies and more from online stores.

The new BD570 DVD player, equipped with built-in WiFi and Blu-ray technology, opens up a whole new world of possibilities by connecting to the internet. Unlike traditional DVD players that solely play discs without any online capabilities, this innovative device introduces a groundbreaking function to the realm of DVD drives.

In addition to the convenience of watching movies from online stores, the LG internet-enabled DVD player presents users with the remarkable ability to download and view photos from their Picasa web albums on a large high-definition TV. This impressive feature is especially appealing for those who do not possess an HD TV with built-in internet functionality, making the LG internet-capable DVD player an ideal choice for expanding their viewing options.

Setting up a connection is effortless as the LG DVD player can seamlessly connect to computers within a home network via Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for additional hardware. This means that families can now enjoy a wide array of online content, including movies, music, and photos, using this state-of-the-art player.

But that's not all; the LG internet-capable DVD player offers further versatility by allowing connectivity to external devices such as hard drives or thumb drives through its built-in USB port. This means users can easily play high-definition DivX and MKV movies directly from their portable storage devices. Additionally, the DVD player provides access to global weather forecasts, adding another layer of functionality and convenience for users.

LG's commitment to innovation and user-centric design is evident in their new internet-enabled DVD player. By seamlessly integrating internet capabilities into their products, LG empowers users to access a vast array of digital content, enhancing their entertainment experiences and ensuring they stay connected in today's connected world. With this groundbreaking release, LG continues to solidify its position as a leader in the consumer electronics industry, pushing boundaries and enriching the lives of its customers.