A new office needs a better network system that would be efficient especially in times of repair or breakdown. This article from Information Technology in Africa tries to elaborate the basics when deciding to set up a new office or just moving to a new one. It should be noted that office network if it is not properly planned, it can increase unnecessary costs.

In IT situations like this, a lot of planning has to take place in establishing a new office network. Therefore necessary professionals have to be engaged early in time to implement a more efficient wiring system for the office. Several factors will also need consideration like the current requirements of your office and possible future expansions.
The basis for this kind of IT will be on the data traffic for your network. In choosing a media, data traffic must comply with the capacity of the selected media. Current and future bandwidths requirements should be analyzed to get the best media for the office network. Currently in the IT sector in Africa enough professionals in office networking are available for these professional services.

Africa is set to have a major boost with the introduction of marine cable systems in most of its key towns. IT in Africa has tremendously experienced growth in the past few years, its peak being the introduction of a submarine cable system. There is no doubt that IT in Africa is one of the sectors expected to stream line developments in the region.

 In comparison between African Information Technology and other rich Information Technology countries, there is a significant disparity; however the situation has enormously improved with African students engaging in innovations to create an IT Africa and IT for Africa.

There have been several gains from the use of marine cable system in information technology in Africa. From the previous times, it was impossible to have access to a high speed Internet unless you are in government, and if you wanted a fair Internet connection speed, it was very expensive especially to maintain.
IT in Africa has changed with major developments in telecommunications sector particularly. With presence of marine fiber optic cable interconnection charges have reduced drastically giving way to more affordable Internet connection with a reasonable speed. Governments in Africa have also seen the benefit of Information Technology thereby providing a conducive environment to develop Technology in Africa.