Bhartesh Shah has been named by the SBM Bank (Kenya) Limited Board as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), starting from May 9th, 2024.

The CEO's position will be taken over by Mr Shah, as Moezz Mir is leaving the position after working in it for six years and now wishes to explore new interests. During this changing period, Mr. Mir will assist with the process of transition. Mr. Shah has more than twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, bringing with him a robust background in banking, operational management, people management, strategy and business acumen. He was an executive at respected establishments like I&M Group, Equity Group Holdings, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank and Midland Bank (HSBC) in places such as Eastern Africa, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In addition, Mr. Shah possesses a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from University of Warwick- Warwick Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance from Loughborough University, United Kingdom. Mr Sattar Hajee Abdoula, Chairman of the Board of Directors, indicated he had faith in Mr Shah's selection. "He is a fitting choice for this role and will guide the Bank towards its growth targets to be the leading player in Kenya's market. His strategic insight shall push crucial business evolution that improves effects on nearby economies and communities.", He said. Mr Shah's guidance brings SBM Bank Kenya into a path of novelty, teamwork and dedication to the customers. He intends to increase market share by concentrating on creating value for shareholders while also ensuring excellent experiences for clients. This way, he aims at leading the bank towards lasting success. The Bank thanked Mr Mir for his work in the past two years. He joined the Bank in 2018. Known as a leader who successfully managed SBM Bank Kenya, Moezz guided the Organization during a time of great change. Additionally, Moezz earned credit for setting up a solid base in Kenya's operations at the Bank. This period saw notable progress in financial incorporation, creative digital banking methods and a dedication to sustainable business approaches.