Kenya Airways (KQ) has unveiled ambitious plans to meet the surging demand for air travel by adding new flights to Eldoret and Maputo, Mozambique. With a focus on enhancing connectivity and customer satisfaction, the national carrier is set to increase frequencies to key destinations while deploying state-of-the-art aircraft to drive up capacity and comfort for passengers.

Quick Summary:

  • Expansion Strategy: Kenya Airways announces the addition of flights to Eldoret and Maputo, along with increased frequencies to five destinations, including New York and Paris.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The deployment of B787-8 aircraft aims to provide passengers traveling to Accra and Freetown with enhanced comfort and convenience.
  • Meeting Growing Demand: Julius Thairu, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, emphasizes the expansion as a strategic move to meet the increasing demand for air travel while ensuring revenue growth.

Expanding Routes and Frequencies

Kenya Airways responds to the escalating demand for air travel by introducing new routes and increasing frequencies to key destinations. Passengers can now enjoy enhanced connectivity with five flights per week to Eldoret and three flights per week to Maputo, Mozambique. Additionally, the airline boosts frequencies to New York with two extra flights, catering to the growing demand for transatlantic travel. Ahead of the Olympics, KQ also adds two weekly flights to Paris, offering travelers more options to reach their destinations conveniently.

Focus on Passenger Comfort

In a bid to elevate the passenger experience, Kenya Airways deploys B787-8 aircraft to Accra and Freetown, enhancing capacity and comfort for travelers. The state-of-the-art aircrafts are equipped to provide passengers with a superior flying experience, ensuring a seamless journey to their respective destinations.

Meeting Strategic Objectives

Julius Thairu reaffirms Kenya Airways' commitment to driving Africa's growth by connecting people, cultures, and markets. The expansion of routes and frequencies aligns with the airline's mission to facilitate seamless travel experiences while bolstering revenue growth. By offering enhanced connectivity and superior service, KQ aims to position itself as a leading choice for travelers within Africa and beyond.


Kenya Airways' strategic expansion of routes and frequencies reflects its proactive approach to meeting the evolving needs of passengers and capitalizing on emerging market opportunities. With a focus on enhancing connectivity, comfort, and customer satisfaction, the national carrier is poised to play a pivotal role in driving Africa's aviation sector forward. As travelers seek seamless and convenient travel options, Kenya Airways remains committed to delivering excellence in service while propelling Africa's growth trajectory through its extensive network and innovative approach to air travel.