Greydale Africa, in collaboration with government entities and private sector partners, has launched the Digital Transformation Public Sector (DTPS) Forum and Awards in Mombasa. This two-day event serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate innovation in government digitization while laying the groundwork for future advancements in public sector technology.

Quick Summary:

  • Collaborative Initiative: Greydale Africa's DTPS Forum and Awards bring together government officials, private sector stakeholders, and industry experts to highlight achievements in government digitization and foster collaboration for future endeavors.
  • Promoting Knowledge Sharing: The event aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and best practice sharing among state agency leaders, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in advancing the state's digitization agenda.
  • Capacity Building: The forum also includes training sessions for civil servants to enhance their digital skills, aligning with the government's broader digital transformation initiatives.

Advancing Government Digitization: Insights from the Forum

Addressing the Need for Cooperation

  • John Tanui, Principal Secretary of the State Department for ICT and the Digital Economy, emphasizes the importance of leaders' cooperation in scaling up the state's digitization agenda. He highlights the forum as an opportunity for state agency leaders to learn from each other's experiences and drive digitization efforts collaboratively.

Celebrating Success Stories

  • Tanui underscores the significance of showcasing success stories within public institutions that have excelled in the digital transformation journey. By celebrating achievements, the forum aims to inspire others and foster a culture of innovation and excellence in government digitization.

Focus on Capacity Building

  • The forum includes training sessions for civil servants to equip them with the necessary digital skills to support the government's digital transformation agenda effectively. This capacity-building initiative underscores the government's commitment to ensuring that its workforce is equipped to embrace digital technologies.

Honoring Government Achievements

The inaugural DTPS Forum and Awards recognize the government's achievements in advancing digital infrastructure and connectivity. Key accomplishments include the establishment of 1,450 digital hubs, deployment of 25,000 free public Wi-Fi hotspots, expansion of fiber optic cable infrastructure, and efforts to lower internet costs. These initiatives demonstrate the government's commitment to enhancing digital access and connectivity nationwide.


Greydale Africa's Digital Transformation Public Sector Forum and Awards represent a significant step towards fostering collaboration and innovation in government digitization efforts. By bringing together stakeholders from the public and private sectors, the event provides a platform for knowledge sharing, capacity building, and recognition of achievements. As the government continues to prioritize digital transformation, initiatives like the DTPS Forum and Awards play a crucial role in driving progress and ensuring that the benefits of technology are accessible to all citizens.

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