Global competition regulators converged in Nairobi for the International Competition Network (ICN) Advocacy Workshop 2024, signaling a collective effort to enhance consumer welfare worldwide. With representatives from over 50 countries spanning continents, the two-day event provided a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and strategic collaboration aimed at promoting fair competition and protecting consumer rights.

Quick Summary:

  • Global Collaboration: The ICN Advocacy Workshop facilitated constructive discussions among competition regulators from diverse regions, emphasizing the importance of a unified approach to safeguarding consumer welfare.
  • Empowering Consumers: Key stakeholders, including Adano Roba of the Competition Authority of Kenya and Rusman bin Abu Samah of the Malaysia Competition Commission, underscored the pivotal role of competition law in preventing consumer exploitation and ensuring product safety.
  • Regional Progress: Representatives from East Africa and COMESA highlighted advancements in competition regulation, including the enactment of competition laws and collaborative efforts to combat anticompetitive practices at both national and regional levels.

Strengthening Consumer Rights: Insights from Key Speakers

Adano Roba - Competition Authority of Kenya

  • Roba emphasized the significance of competition in expanding consumer choice and advocated for a unified global approach to enforcing consumer rights.
  • He highlighted the workshop as an opportunity for regulators to share best practices and shape the future landscape of consumer welfare.

Rusman bin Abu Samah - Malaysia Competition Commission

  • Samah underscored the critical role of competition law in protecting consumers from exploitation by commercial enterprises.
  • He emphasized the importance of enhancing regulatory capacity to investigate consumer complaints and ensure the safety of products in the market.

Lilian Kajuju Mukoronia - East African Community Competition Authority

  • Mukoronia provided insights into the progress of competition regulation in East Africa, including the enactment of competition laws in Uganda and the implementation of legislation in Rwanda.
  • She highlighted the expansion of regional competition agencies' mandates to regulate cross-border conduct for the benefit of the public.

Willard Mwemba - COMESA Competition Commission

  • Mwemba discussed collaborative efforts between regional and national competition regulators to combat anticompetitive behavior by dominant businesses.
  • He emphasized the importance of enforcing laws that encourage innovation and ensure the provision of high-quality products and services for consumers.


The ICN Advocacy Workshop in Nairobi served as a catalyst for global cooperation in promoting consumer welfare through effective competition regulation. By fostering dialogue, sharing best practices, and enhancing regulatory capacity, participants reaffirmed their commitment to safeguarding consumer rights and fostering competitive markets worldwide. As stakeholders continue to collaborate and innovate, consumers stand to benefit from increased choice, product safety, and overall market efficiency, underscoring the pivotal role of competition regulation in shaping a fair and transparent marketplace.