The Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with Rootooba, is set to host FINAS2024, a two-day financing sustainability conference, on March 27th and 28th, 2024. This conference aims to tackle the challenge of low investment in Kenya's agriculture sector, despite its significant contribution to the country's gross domestic product (GDP). With only 3.2 percent of Kenyans utilizing formal borrowing for agriculture, as per the Financial Access Household Survey 2019, there is a pressing need for improved financing mechanisms to support farmers and drive sector growth.

Quick Summary

  • FINAS2024 conference to address low investment in Kenya's agriculture sector.
  • Collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rootooba to host the two-day event.
  • Key objectives include exploring financing mechanisms and empowering farmers through collaboration and policy development.

Tackling Financing Challenges

Mary Mwiti, CEO of the Council of Governors, underscores the vital role of counties in collaborating to empower farmers and address the financing gap in the agriculture sector. Despite agriculture being the backbone of Kenya's prosperity and livelihood for millions, insufficient financing remains a significant challenge. Counties' collaboration is crucial in unpacking solutions and establishing credit and financing policies to support farmers effectively.

Leveraging Kenya's Agricultural Potential

Paul Rono, PS of the State Department of Agriculture, highlights the immense potential for transforming Kenya's vast and fertile land into a thriving agricultural ecosystem. By investing in and optimizing agricultural practices, Kenya can enhance productivity and profitability, benefiting both farmers and the overall economy. The FINAS2024 conference provides a platform to explore strategies for realizing this potential and driving sustainable growth in the agriculture sector.

Objectives of FINAS2024

Kawira Mutegi, Conference Director, outlines the objectives of FINAS2024, emphasizing the importance of bringing together stakeholders in the agricultural sector to deliberate on financing models. The conference aims to facilitate discussions on appropriate financing mechanisms and policies to support sustainable agriculture development in Kenya. Key players supporting the conference, including GIZ, FSD-Kenya, AGRA, and others, are committed to driving transformation in Kenya's agricultural sector through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions.


FINAS2024 represents a significant opportunity to address the financing challenges facing Kenya's agriculture sector and unlock its full potential for sustainable growth and development. By fostering collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders, the conference aims to identify actionable strategies for improving financing mechanisms and empowering farmers. With strong support from key players and a shared commitment to transformation, FINAS2024 has the potential to catalyze positive change and drive progress in Kenya's agricultural landscape.