RUBiS Energy, in partnership with Pikika Brunch, introduced its latest offering RUBiS Gas at the exclusive ‘Ultimate Chef’s Table’ culinary event. The scenic Arboretum Gardens on Statehouse Road in Nairobi served as the venue for this significant occasion: it marked an official launch of RUBiS Gas – a new addition to Kenya’s cooking gas scene; all part of a strategic effort by RUBiS Energy to revolutionize cooking experiences across the country.

Renowned for its premier cooking gas brand, K-Gas, RUBiS Energy Kenya persists in fulfilling ‘Light Up Your Life’ commitment by unveiling RUBiS Gas. Mr. Jean-Christian Bergeron—CEO of RUBiS Energy East Africa—shares his excitement over the market’s positive reception towards their service stations and reiterates the brand’s dedication to improving customer experiences through LPG cooking gas.

RUBiS Gas, a reliable and secure product emphasizing safety, superior features, and value for money; maintains its presence at over 290 stations nationwide. At any RUBiS service station–accessible to customers easily–they can procure RUBiS Gas in 6kg or 13kg cylinders: either purchasing new ones or exchanging their existing K-Gas cylinder for it. Opting for home delivery is also available; customers need only call the toll-free number-0800-720002 – thereby enhancing convenience.

RUBiS Gas may take center stage, but authorized distributors will continue to make K-Gas available in the market and maintain its established presence.

Renowned chefs including HD’s Kitchen, Big Smoke, Beaty and The Feast; Deeper than My Kitchen; The Mbuzi Gang – all showcased the versatility of RUBiS Gas at the Pikika Brunch Cookout Extravaganza. Similarly engaged in live cooking demonstrations to highlight not only their exceptional skills but also performance excellence provided by using RUBiS Gas: Kaswi Cooks.

Not only does RUBiS Gas promise a superior cooking experience, but it also reflects the brand’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. This cooking gas—available nationwide—is poised for a kitchen revolution in Kenya by bringing safety, reliability, and culinary delight to households. Therefore: whether you’re an avid cook or someone seeking out reliable companionship during your culinary journey—expect RUBiS Gas to illuminate your cuisine; redefining how Kenyans embark on gastronomic adventures is its mission.