NCBA and CFAO Motors Kenya have forged a groundbreaking partnership that is poised to redefine the vehicle ownership landscape in Kenya. This collaboration promises customers hassle-free access to financing, covering up to 100% of the cost for a diverse range of both new and pre-owned vehicles, all at remarkably attractive rates.

As the ultimate mobility solution provider, CFAO Motors extends this unprecedented offer to a wide spectrum of consumers, ranging from individuals considering personal vehicles to businesses contemplating commercial trucks and buses.

A standout feature is the inclusion of a trade-in facility, courtesy of CFAO Motors’ Automark brand. This offers significant advantages for those eager to upgrade their vehicles, particularly towards newer models.

Flexible and affordable repayment terms are tailored to benefit SMEs and large enterprises. These favorable conditions include a generous 90-day repayment holiday, along with the provision for an extended repayment period of up to 72 months. Learning institutions and PSV operators enjoy these same advantageous terms, while Tour Operators receive a special boost on the Land Cruiser 70 series.

In a strategic maneuver, Toyota Kenya has officially rebranded to CFAO Motors Kenya, symbolizing the expansive vision of this collaboration.

During the unveiling, Lennox Mugambi, NCBA Group Director responsible for Asset Finance and Business Solutions, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership. He emphasized that this alliance aspires to deliver customers unrivaled value—a service facilitating their procurement of a variety of vehicles from CFAO Motors Kenya, truly embodying customer-centricity at its finest.

“We are thrilled by this new partnership, as it underscores our dedication to providing a robust asset finance value proposition. Our customers, eager to either own their initial vehicles or upgrade, stand at the heart of our excitement. In light of prevailing economic difficulties prompting Kenyans to realign their priorities, we persistently pursue strategic alliances at NCBA. These ventures aim for enhanced convenience and affordability in vehicle ownership for everyone,” commented Mugambi with enthusiasm.

Daniel Maundu, the General Manager of Vehicle Sales at CFAO Motors Kenya, underscored the pivotal role his company fulfills in delivering mobility solutions. He accentuated a long-term agenda that leverages partnerships to provide customers with authentic value while prioritizing their needs. The commitment remains steadfast towards ensuring client satisfaction through continuous improvement and innovation.

Mr. Maundu remarked, “This agreement’s realization aligns with our long-term agenda: leveraging partnerships that provide genuine value to our customers. Simultaneously, it underscores—and indeed reflects—the commitment we have to centering everything we do around the consumer. This is in harmony with our overarching vision of becoming a favored ally for mobility solutions.”

For those seeking financing from NCBA, the process has been streamlined. Customers can conveniently submit their requests via the NCBA online application portal, promising a record 24-hour turnaround time—a clear assertion of commitment to increasing accessibility and affordability of vehicle ownership amidst prevailing economic challenges.