Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) is set to redefine the manufacturing and logistics landscape in Kenya with the establishment of their new manufacturing and packing plant at ALP West Logistics Park. Slated to kick off operations in April 2024, the facility is poised to meet and exceed strict EU compliance standards, ushering in a new era of top-tier warehouses in the region.

In a time where the demand for such facilities in Africa surpasses the current supply, ALP’s strategic move aligns with market trends. Knight Frank’s quarterly report, The Africa Industrial Market Dashboards, notes a consistent 80 percent occupancy rate of purpose-built facilities in Kenya, addressing shortfalls across the continent, notably in countries like Nigeria.

ALP’s decision to set up shop at ALP West Logistics Park is not arbitrary; it’s a testament to the park’s burgeoning reputation as the preferred hub for state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics solutions in the region. The park’s location, coupled with modern infrastructure and unparalleled services, positions it as the go-to destination for businesses seeking efficiency and cutting-edge logistics solutions.

The announcement also sheds light on Printcare’s strategic choice of ALP West Logistics Park. Printcare Packaging East Africa Limited director Prashantha Dias highlighted the park’s strategic location and commitment to international quality construction as key factors aligning with their stringent EU compliance requirements. This partnership signifies a landmark collaboration, leveraging ALP’s grade A warehouse facilities to enhance Printcare’s operational capabilities in the East African market.

ALP’s CEO, Richard Hough, emphasized the collaboration’s significance, stating that it underscores ALP’s commitment to providing global-standard infrastructure and fostering economic growth in the region. The selection of ALP West Logistics Park by a globally recognized company like Printcare speaks volumes about the quality and strategic advantages offered by ALP’s facilities.

ALP West Logistics development, covering 100,000m2 of Grade A warehousing space on 49 acres of zoned and serviced land, is a testament to ALP’s ongoing investment in enhancing facilities and services. The company remains dedicated to exceeding compliance criteria, ensuring that their partners operate at the highest international standards.

As ALP gears up to commence operations in April 2024, the stage is set for a new chapter in the manufacturing and logistics sector in Kenya. ALP West Logistics Park stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency, ready to address the pressing demand for top-tier warehouses in Africa. The collaboration with Printcare adds another layer of significance, marking a step towards fostering global partnerships and economic growth in the region.