A new player is entering the stage, and it’s none other than AHI Carrier, a tech firm based in the Gulf. Ajay Garg, the regional business manager, spilled the beans on the company’s strategic move to set up shop in Kenya, a country ripe for technological advancements.

With a keen eye on Kenya’s robust digital industry, AHI Carrier aims to ride the wave of the escalating demand for data centers in the region. According to Garg, the surge in this demand is a golden opportunity for the company to shine as a leading provider of extensive data center solutions.

Garg emphasized the company’s prowess in high-density, energy-efficient cooling solutions, air cooling systems, and the seamless integration of data centers into smart city infrastructures. Their ultra-high efficiency, low global warming potential chillers are tailored to meet the diverse capacity requirements of all data centers, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge technology.

The timing of this announcement aligns with Kenya’s efforts to attract international tech giants focusing on green energy data centers, aligning with their sustainability goals for 2030. Kenya’s grid boasts over 70% green energy, providing an advantageous starting point for companies looking to meet their sustainability objectives.

A significant contributor to Kenya’s green grid is geothermal power, acting as a magnet for firms on a mission to decarbonize. AHI Carrier acknowledges this advantage and plans to tap into the market by offering state-of-the-art data center solutions. Their goal is to empower businesses to thrive in a country where the potential for green technology is immense.

In sync with Kenya’s commitment to data protection, marked by the government’s enactment of a data protection act, AHI Carrier sees an opportunity. Garg highlighted the surge in the number of firms racing to comply with data protection requirements, positioning AHI Carrier as a contributor to the region’s data growth.

As Kenya embraces digital transformation, fintech solutions, and overall infrastructure success, AHI Carrier envisions playing a vital role in the region’s technological evolution. The stage is set, and AHI Carrier is poised to bring its innovative solutions to the forefront of Kenya’s digital revolution.