The Kenya Covid-19 Fund Board, in collaboration with Equity Group Foundation (EGF), has successfully delivered the initial batch of locally manufactured Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) valued at Ksh 260Million to public hospitals. These PPEs will be utilized by healthcare workers who are at the forefront of combating COVID-19.

During the handover ceremony at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Dr. James Mwangi, the Chair of the Health Committee of the Kenya COVID-19 Board, expressed his gratitude to the hospital liaison committees for their coordination in receiving the PPEs. He commended their dedication in ensuring the responsible usage of these essential supplies by healthcare workers dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Mwangi stated, "We have witnessed the efficient distribution of PPEs throughout the country, facilitated by the services of Fargo Courier. Their digitized distribution system, equipped with a sophisticated tracking mechanism, ensures that the PPEs reach the respective hospital liaison committees without any complications. These committees verify the consignment, receive it, and take responsibility for its appropriate utilization by healthcare workers." He emphasized that recent visits by the COVID-19 Fund Board to various hospitals have instilled confidence in the local medical supplies value chain, as it is now establishing a well-organized system. "With locally manufactured PPEs that meet both national and international standards, coupled with efficient delivery, we believe this system provides the COVID-19 Board with a transparent mechanism to effectively manage the provision of PPEs to our healthcare workers," Dr. Mwangi added.

Dr. Mwangi also mentioned that the Kenya COVID-19 Fund Board, through the Health Committee, is in the process of procuring a second batch of PPEs worth Ksh 440Million. This measure aims to establish a sustainable supply of PPEs to adequately equip frontline medical workers.

Professor Isaac Macharia, the technical lead on the Health Committee of the Kenya COVID-19 Fund Board and a renowned ENT specialist, emphasized that the delivery of the initial batch of PPEs has significantly boosted the confidence of healthcare workers serving on the frontlines. He expressed his appreciation for the commitment of these workers, who actively participate in hospital liaison committees and collaborate with manufacturers to produce PPEs that meet stringent national and international quality standards. Prof. Macharia believes that the national capacity to manufacture PPEs will continue to grow to meet domestic demands and facilitate exports.

Dr. Musa Mohammed, the Medical Superintendent at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, expressed his gratitude upon receiving the consignment, acknowledging the significant contribution these PPEs will make in protecting frontline healthcare workers who provide medical support to COVID-19 patients in the hospital.

The chief guest at the PPEs handover ceremony, Major General Mohamed Badi, Director General of Nairobi Metropolitan Service, expressed his gratitude towards the Kenya COVID-19 Fund Board and EGF for their patriotic duty in safeguarding healthcare workers. He also thanked the President for assembling industry leaders to manage the COVID-19 response initiative, highlighting their swift establishment of effective mechanisms to address the crisis. Major General Badi urged the hospital liaison committees to ensure the efficient utilization of the PPEs. Additionally, Safaricom and Samsung offered their donations to the frontline health workers, with free Galaxy devices and communication bundles
Simultaneously, frontline healthcare staff dealing with COVID-19 patients are undergoing case management training and receiving psychosocial support to help them cope with the daily challenges they face in their fight against the pandemic. This initiative, costing Kshs 85Million, is financed by The Kenya COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and Equity Group Foundation.