Huawei celebrated the highly anticipated inauguration of its expansive flagship store located on Shanghai's bustling East Nanjing Road, offering an exceptional and immersive experience for customers. Situated within the Nanjing Building, an iconic Art Deco-style structure constructed in 1935 by Silas Aaron Hardoon, a prominent British real estate tycoon, the store occupies an impressive business area spanning nearly 5000 square meters.

Embracing the rich history of the building, Huawei seamlessly merges contemporary design and materials with its original charm. Through meticulous restoration and innovative enhancements, the Nanjing Building has been transformed into a vibrant "City Square," serving as a hub where the local community can gather, enjoy themselves, learn, share, and innovate.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, emphasizes the company's unwavering commitment to meaningful consumer engagement that transcends traditional buyer-seller dynamics. The flagship store serves as a space where consumers, customers, and developers can come together to explore, connect, and discover. Furthermore, Huawei has integrated a Seamless AI Life Zone, providing visitors with the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Everything.

As a designated second-grade historic building by the city of Shanghai, the Nanjing Building holds a significant place in the city's commercial history, once housing the renowned Laou Kai Fook & Co. Throughout the renovation process, Huawei collaborated closely with the historic building protection unit in Shanghai, paying homage to the building's original design while creating a contemporary social gathering area for consumers to rest, communicate, and share.

The flagship store's first floor showcases the All Product Zone, adorned with large, highly-transparent glass windows that optimize natural light, reduce energy consumption, and blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. On the second floor, the HUAWEI Seamless AI Life Zone takes visitors on an experiential journey through five distinct scenarios: Smart Home, Mobile Office, Fitness and Health, Easy Travel, and Entertainment. Within these spaces, visitors can witness the seamless integration of AI into their daily lives, facilitated by the remarkable combination of 5G and AI technologies.

Beyond its extensive range of product offerings, the flagship store features numerous public spaces designed to foster a sense of community and shared interests. The atrium, formed by the patio of the Nanjing Building, boasts wide staircases and a ceiling lamp that replicates natural sunlight, inviting customers to relax, explore, and engage with friends. The HUAWEI Community on the first floor serves as a venue for talks, collaborations, and special presentations, including appearances by esteemed Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai. On the second floor, the Ecosystem Corridor serves as both a showcase for Huawei's ecosystem partners and a tranquil green space, providing a captivating view of East Nanjing Road. Finally, the third floor's Multi-Function Experience Zone exhibits captivating visual art forms, such as films and paintings, and hosts a grand photo exhibition titled "Clairvoyant Proverb" to commemorate the flagship store's grand opening.

To enrich visitors' experiences, the flagship store offers an extensive array of daily lectures, totaling over 60 each week, covering diverse topics ranging from video production and programming to fitness and music. International creators, technology experts, local artists, and developers are regularly invited to share their insights and engage in art salons and informative sessions. Huawei aims to cultivate a vibrant community of communication and sharing, warmly welcoming every consumer to actively participate.

Furthermore, the flagship store provides access to Huawei's full range of consumer products, with approximately 220 experienced consultants available to offer guidance and support. These consultants hail from various backgrounds, including sports, music, dance, and vlogging, enabling them to connect with customers on a personal level and provide tailored suggestions and technical assistance. Services are available in multiple languages, including the local Shanghai dialect, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for all visitors.