World Panel Zambia Ltd. successfully launched its innovative and long-lasting solar panels, which have the ability to charge mobile phones at the same speed as a wall plug. The launch event took place at Lusaka's Taj Pamodzi Hotel and saw the presence of esteemed guests, including senior Zambian government officials, leaders from the COMESA free-trade group, US embassy officers, officials from the African Development Bank, and CEOs of major Zambian mobile operators. The occasion marked the arrival of the first shipment of World Panels at World Panel Zambia's warehouse in Lusaka.

Jacob Sikazwe, the CEO of World Panel Zambia and a respected figure in the Zambian business community, expressed his satisfaction with the launch. Sikazwe, who played a pivotal role in establishing and chairing Zambia's Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission, stated, "For many years, I have been dedicated to empowering people in rural Africa and enhancing their economic well-being and opportunities in life. This utility-grade personal solar charger is a realization of my dream to assist and empower individuals living without reliable access to electricity."

The initial shipment included thousands of World Panel 500 combo-pack units featuring the company's patented solar panel technology. Each unit was accompanied by a 5000-milliamp Powerbank and a bright LED light with ten bulbs. The technology will be distributed in both rural and urban regions within the COMESA area. World Panel Zambia has ambitious plans to deliver one million units of World Panels to the COMESA region in 2015.

During the event, the keynote speech was delivered by John Anderson, the CEO and inventor of World Panel Inc., based in the United States. Anderson, an expert in micro-solar technology and business sustainability, expressed his enthusiasm for the potential impact of their distributed green energy solution. He highlighted that only 8% of rural Zambia is currently connected to an electrical grid and emphasized that their innovative solution can significantly increase this coverage within three years, at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional energy solutions. Anderson concluded by expressing his honor in delivering the first containers of World Panels to Zambia.

Overall, the launch of World Panel Zambia's solar panels marked an important step toward providing sustainable and accessible energy solutions to communities in Zambia, particularly those living in areas without regular access to electricity. The innovative technology has the potential to transform lives and contribute to economic empowerment in both rural and urban regions of the COMESA area.