SkyVision Global Networks Ltd, a well-established global communications provider, recently made an exciting announcement regarding its philanthropic endeavors. The company has generously contributed satellite connectivity solutions to support the students of Ghana's Crossover International Academy. In collaboration with VT iDirect, a leading company in satellite-based IP communications technology, SkyVision has upgraded the academy's communication equipment and extended Internet connectivity for an additional year. This initiative is set to provide students with access to online educational programs and enhance their utilization of e-learning tools.

The partnership between SkyVision and iDirect first began in 2013 when they jointly launched the initial phase of this remarkable charitable initiative. Throughout the academy, SkyVision's SkyDirect VSAT service, built on iDirect's platform, was successfully installed and deployed. This reliable Internet access service has had a significant positive impact on all the students, enabling them to access the vast resources available online.

Located in the remote village of Tongor-Attokrokpo, Ghana, Crossover International Academy caters exclusively to orphaned students who receive support from generous donors around the world. The extension project undertaken by SkyVision will ensure seamless and high-quality satellite communications within the school premises. The faculty views this provision as a lifeline for uninterrupted learning. The Internet connectivity enables students to access streaming videos, social media platforms, and email services. Furthermore, they can make use of online programs like the Khan Academy for mathematics and PRO for reading and comprehension. By extending Internet services, more than 250 students will gain access to global connectivity. This will enable them to actively participate in online classroom activities and connect with the outside world, effectively breaking the barriers of their remote villages.

Expressing his gratitude, James Conti, Co-Founder and CEO of Wings for Crossover, said, "Without SkyVision's timely contribution, providing a second year of Internet service, we would have been compelled to suspend our e-learning programs. Witnessing the joy on the students' faces each morning reminds us of their immense appreciation for this truly generous gift."

Chad Cooper, Co-Founder of Wings for Crossover, adds, "SkyVision has empowered our students to receive an education and transcend their challenging circumstances. Thanks to SkyVision's generosity, these children now have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through education and build better lives for themselves and future generations."

Tzvika Zaiffer, Director of Product Management & Marketing, shares, "We are both proud and humbled to support Crossover and the numerous students in need of education. Being part of this significant and life-changing project has been a pleasure and an honor."

Ori Watermann, CEO of SkyVision, comments, "Our commitment to giving back to the global communities in which we operate is unwavering. Education serves as a fundamental stepping stone in the growth and success of these children. This project underscores the paramount importance of satellite communications in education. SkyVision takes immense pride in supporting the future of this developing nation, starting with its most valuable resource – its children."