Antonio Edmundo, a young and ambitious individual at the age of 23, currently holds a prestigious position as the director of the district center of Movitel on the enchanting Ilha de Mozambique in Nampula province. Antonio's incredible journey from being a humble office assistant to a director is nothing short of a remarkable dream turned into reality.

A few years ago, in January 2012, Antonio embarked on his professional career with Movitel as an office assistant when the company opened its stores in the Namialo district. It was Antonio's passion, dedication, and unwavering loyalty that caught the attention of Mr. Khanh, the district director of Namialo, leading to his hiring. Recognizing Antonio's potential, Mr. Khanh decided to train him as a store staff member. Antonio's experience as an office assistant allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the store's daily operations, optimal merchandise storage methods, and the responsibilities of each staff member.

Antonio's exceptional agility and rapid comprehension skills as an office assistant soon caught the discerning eye of Director Khanh. Consequently, Antonio was given the responsibility of managing a mobile sales team. Every morning, after thorough store cleaning starting at 8 am, Antonio led his team to remote areas to sell goods. By September 2012, Antonio had earned a promotion to the role of a salesman at the shop while continuing to fulfill his duties as a cleaner. However, his responsibilities continued to expand from that point onward. In addition to leading mobile teams, he took charge of managing and delivering goods to various sales points.

With each passing day, Antonio gained invaluable experience, nurturing his aspirations of transforming his life. In February 2014, Antonio's aspirations turned into a tangible reality when he officially succeeded Mr. Khanh as the director of Ilha Island. Now, he serves as a genuine leader, overseeing the operations of the entire district center, managing a team of nine staff members and a technical team of one. Notably, the Ilha district boasts the second-highest mobile penetration rate in the branch, with 21.5% (11,237 subscribers out of 52,202 people).

Antonio's journey is just one of the many captivating stories that showcase the transformative impact of Movitel on its employees and the local communities it serves.

Since entering Mozambique's telecommunications market two years ago, Movitel has achieved remarkable success. The company's revenue and subscriber growth rate has consistently exceeded 120% annually, resulting in a revenue of nearly US$155 million and a subscriber base of five million by 2013, securing a 32% market share. However, what truly captivates the public's attention is Movitel's profound contributions to society. Movitel has played a pivotal role in popularizing telecom services in rural and underserved areas, bringing about significant changes to Mozambique's communication landscape. Additionally, the company has made substantial contributions through various social programs, profoundly improving the lives of the local population.

To ensure that telecom services, including mobile, fixed phones, and internet access, are accessible to rural populations, Movitel has made extensive investments. The company has established a network of 2,800 towers and deployed 25,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable, covering all districts, highways, and reaching 80% of the population. Furthermore, Movitel has established a distribution channel that extends to every village. In addition to these efforts, the company provides service support and implements social programs such as free internet access in schools and subsidies for handset costs for rural users.