The Kenyan Premier League is witnessing a groundbreaking development with the launch of a new television channel by AFC Leopards, in partnership with Smart TV. Ingwe TV, the name of this new channel, will be broadcasted on Africa Sports Network, available on the Smart TV Kenya bouquet channels. This announcement brings tremendous joy to AFC Leopards fans worldwide, as they now have the opportunity to watch their beloved team in action. Ingwe TV represents a revolutionary step for a Kenyan football premier league team, engaging supporters with immersive football content.

Ingwe fans will now have access to this web-based TV channel from anywhere around the globe. However, the reaction of Super Sport, who holds exclusive rights to broadcast Kenyan Premier League games, remains uncertain. The CEO of Smart TV, quick to address any concerns, emphasized that they are not infringing upon anyone's rights. Alongside football matches, Ingwe TV will also feature educational programs and other activities related to AFC Leopards soccer club, catering to a diverse range of interests.

Fred Lutta, an official from AFC Leopards club in charge of fan engagement, expressed immense excitement about this development. He believes that Ingwe TV will help expand the team's fan base worldwide, establishing a stronger global presence. The channel will showcase professionally edited videos covering various topics related to the club, ensuring that fans stay informed and up to date with every move AFC Leopards makes.

Despite the ambitious nature of Ingwe TV, with an estimated budget exceeding Kshs.60m, AFC Leopards deserves credit for being the first Kenyan Premier League team to embark on this exciting venture. Kenyan football is experiencing a revival after lackluster seasons in the late '90s, primarily due to mismanagement. Ingwe TV is poised to capitalize on this momentum and seize a great opportunity.

AFC Leopards fans will enjoy exclusive access to a plethora of captivating content, including interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, archived matches, historical documentaries, highlights, fan features, and magazines. The entire Kenyan football fraternity has reason to celebrate, as Ingwe TV adheres to a 90 percent local content policy, ensuring that the rich tapestry of Kenyan football is celebrated and shared with pride.