Airtel Kenya has introduced an exciting new feature that allows subscribers to select their own personalized mobile phone numbers, subject to availability. This innovative service empowers customers to choose any mobile number prefix they desire for their SIM card on Airtel's network. In the event that the requested number is unavailable, subscribers will be presented with alternative numbers that closely resemble their preferred phone number.

To qualify for this service, it is important to ensure that your SIM card does not have any outstanding balances, such as Zap balance, Rewardz points, or unpaid Kopa credo. Once you have met this criterion, you can follow the simple steps below to utilize this service:

From your mobile phone, dial *111# and select the "choose your number" option, which is the fourth option on the list.
After selecting the "choose your number" option, you will receive a prompt to enter the last six digits of your preferred phone number. For example, if you desire the number 777888, you will input those digits accordingly.
Following this, you will be presented with various options based on the availability of numbers. For instance:
If the requested number is available, you can reply with "1" to secure the number 0739777888, "2" for 0786777888, or "3" for 0788777888.
Reply with the corresponding number next to your desired phone number. For example, if you want 0786777888, reply with "2".
Subsequently, you will be prompted to restart your phone, and once you do so, the number change will be successfully implemented.
Airtel's offering of personalized mobile phone numbers provides subscribers with the opportunity to express their individuality and create a unique identity through their phone number. By introducing this service, Airtel aims to enhance customer satisfaction and cater to the diverse preferences of its user base. With just a few simple steps, subscribers can select their desired phone number and enjoy a personalized mobile experience on Airtel's reliable network.