In this era dominated by digital communication, the battle against misinformation is becoming increasingly intricate. Understanding the gravity of the situation, we implore Public Relations (PR) practitioners to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful ally in countering the rampant proliferation of false information, a statement echoed by PRSK..

Arik Karani, the President of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK), highlights AI’s transformative potential for PR professionals. He stresses its ability not only to identify and analyze misinformation but also to effectively debunk it. Arguing that this action is crucial, he underscores the importance of safeguarding the integrity of communications and maintaining trust with the audience.

Karani, speaking at the 2023 PRSK Annual Summit in Diani, Kwale County, emphasizes the swift evolution of misinformation in this digital era. It progresses from mere fake news to extend to ChatGPT and deepfakes. The web that connects these distortions is pervasive, disseminating rapidly with consequences stretching far for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

Karani asserts that, in our current digital era, misinformation, manifesting as fake news, ChatGPT, and deepfakes, is an ever-changing interconnected realm with the potential to disseminate rapidly and yield substantial ramifications for individuals, entities, or even society at large. It is incumbent upon PR professionals to harness AI, from generating data-driven insights for strategic decisions to crafting personalized targeted communications.

Over 600 delegates from Kenya and beyond attended the 2023 PRSK Annual Summit. The summit, focusing on retrospection, reimagining, and repositioning PR practices in response to a world rapidly disrupted, fragmented, and polarized, received its official opening from Eliud Owalo, CS in the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy.

Organizations’ images, not only tarnished by misinformation but also transforming some publicity campaigns into crises, prompt the industry to explore AI. It is seen as a means of opening new frontiers for creativity, efficiency, and impact, an approach PR practitioners endorse. They advocate further for government involvement in establishing industry standards that genuinely mirror accuracy principles, transparency ethics, and promote ethical communication at its core.

In a significant move, the Public Relations Society of Kenya, collaborating with both the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, submitted the Institute for Public Relations and Communications Management (IPRAC) bill for cabinet approval. This proposed legislation seeks to establish an elevated legal framework in Kenyan public relations.

The PRSK has been serving as the umbrella organization for all Public Relations and Communication Management practitioners in Kenya for half a century. Its principal aim is to promote excellence in practice, a beacon guiding professionals dedicated to effecting positive change through impactful communication. As the industry grapples with misinformation challenges, it is clear that integrating AI represents an essential advancement, enhancing a steadfast commitment not only towards accuracy but also transparency and ethical communication.